Juarez, Mexico – Just minutes from the safest large city in the United States, (El Paso, Texas), stands the former murder capital of the world. Though cartel violence has subsided, the aftermath is still very real. Many children saw their parents die in the streets and now there are currently too many orphans to count. But in the heart of it all, stands a football field-sized orphanage called the House of Gems. In the midst of the chaos, this facility stands as a reminder that these children still have a hope and a future. The facility is 90% complete, and when it’s done, over 200 children will be safe from human traffickers and predators. Our hope is that this film can be a voice for the voiceless and inspire many to help finish the House of Gems. Together we can bring the children home.


Deep in the heart of the Valley of Juarez, the once peaceful town of Guadalupe Districto Bravo has become a bloody war zone. The police are all murdered, families are systematically killed and neighborhoods are burned to the ground. Nearly 100,000 are dead throughout Mexico and more than 10,000 children are orphaned as the result of the cartel’s brutal violence. Many of them have become victims of human trafficking and the lucky ones have fallen to the drug trade.

In the midst of all this chaos, STEVE BREWER and his family are building a home for 200+ orphans called the House of Gems. Each room is equipped with private bathrooms, kids will have their own beds, and the facility is equipped with state-of the-art security and a commercial grade cafeteria. When complete, it will be the largest orphanage in Latin America and a model organization for the country of Mexico. They also have international adoption rights to help children find permanent homes. The town of Guadalupe has been all but burned to the ground, but the House of Gems stands untouched by the chaos. However, support has dwindled and after seeing numerous friends in the town of Guadalupe brutally murdered, Steve grows weary. He then finds out HIS name made the cartel hit list posted in the once bustling town square.

The one man trying to rescue orphans became a target of the Mexican sicarios. With little support, and facing threats, his anger grows. The cartel has killed everyone on the list except for him. Today, construction is 90% complete, but the football field-sized orphanage remains empty. For now, the orphan children must continue hiding in the shadows of the Valley of Death.


This film is currently in production.